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Many of these downloads can also be found with the books that inspired them. 

.pdf files will open in the same window.  To download, for PC right click and select "save target as" for mac ctrl+click 

Excerpts from books

Ella and the Panther's Quest   online    as .pdf

Fantasy Kingdom XXI  online   as.pdf   

Free knitting patterns

Ella's Fabric Knit Bag.  A flat bottomed bag knit from strips of scrap fabric.


Fantasy Kingdom XXI Cover Hat  Pattern for the hat that is featured on the cover of the book Fantasy Kingdom XXI. 


Sweater Ornaments Pattern for ornament sized sweaters in two sizes, one for fine gauge yarns (like sock yarn) and one for thicker gauges. There are also two ways to knit the yoke of the sweater, and two ways to do the sleeves


Downloadable Bookmarks

The printed bookmarks themselves will be about the same size, the difference is in the size of the paper.  Downloading the last file will give you all the bookmarks on the site so far.

Sized to print on 4"x6" paper

Ella and the Panther's Quest


  Fantasy Kingdom XXI

sized to print on 8.5"x11" paper

Ella and the Panther's Quest

Fantasy Kingdom XXI

All three bookmarks on one sheet

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