Welcome to LisaAnneNisula.com Here you’ll find excerpts from my novels, free knitting patterns and bookmarks inspired by the stories, and information on upcoming projects. Enjoy your visit!

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The Books page has a link to the main page of each of my books.  From there you can get to a summary of each book, an excerpt, and links to any free downloads related to the book.

Free Stuff lists all of the free downloads on the site, organised by type.  All of the files from the indiviual book pages are here, as well as anything not related to a specific book.

Blog will eventually lead to a blog page.

Buying has links to all the places you can buy my books.

And if you get lost, the Site Map will help you.


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Site News: 

July 9, 2010: changed the background on excerpt from Ella to make it easier to read and added information sheets on each book.

July 1, 2010: added links for ebook of Fantasy Kingdom XXI

June 21, 2010: updated site to include buying links for ebook versions of Ella and the Panther's Quest

 June 14, 2010: This site goes live today!  Welcome everyone!


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